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Every relationship is individual, and no two couples have an exact match to another.  However, there are some issues that come up more often than others.  If you are reading the information below and recognising your relationship, it might be time for you to seek assistance in implementing the skills, and tools to bring your relationship to the place you want it to be.  Everyone deserves happiness, trust, confidence, safety, loyalty, honesty, support, in their relationship.


If people in a relationship can master communication, you’ll be far less likely to experience other common relationship problems.

Effective, honest communication is essential to relationship success.

Different people communicate differently. You may be quiet while your partner is talkative. Regardless of your communication styles, relationships need effective, regular communication to thrive as a unit.

Staying Close

With time, every long term relationship will change. Some of what used to seem most important might begin to not even phase you anymore. Additionally, as things in the relationship change, you and your romantic partner may also be changing in different ways, evolving as individuals.

This doesn’t mean that your long term relationship can’t continue working.


The simple fact is life requires money and couples argue about finances. Financial pressures can lead to catastrophic relationship issues when not addressed properly. Research shows that more than half of all couples enter a marriage already in debt. 


Relevant debates are healthy and important for self-expression. However, spiteful arguments are hurtful and serve no good purpose. If you have the urge to say something spiteful to your partner, ask yourself what you’re feeling first. Are you angry? Are you sad? Are your feelings hurt? Are you frustrated? What are you unhappy about?


If your partner cheated on you, you’ll have to decide for yourself if you can forgive them, or if you’ll need to move on without them in your life.Cheating hurts, and it can take years to get over. While many relationships can endure after someone has an affair, it requires a firm commitment from both partners for them to learn

Change in Life Goals

Goals are important, and when two people in a relationship are aligned in terms of what they want out of life, it can be wonderful. Sometimes, however, goals change. If you and your partner can’t get on the same page with what you both want in the future, it can cause problems. 

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